Error compilation

I have a problem with the app generator with phonegap.

I run the app in Chrome navigator and Works successfully but at phonegap app
generator give error.

Where do I look at what the error statement is?

Are you seeing the error, or are you trying to find out if there is an error?

I am seen the error but I don’t know why.

I upload the screen where it Works (executing in Chrome) and the error while compiling the apk.

And the other image

Did you register your application with the Google Maps service and add the Maps API key to your app? If not you can do that via the Google API Console.

Post Edit: On second thought, I’m actually not sure if PhoneGap accounts for it. However, I figure I should leave my comment granted it may not be what you’re looking for.

To see what the PhoneGap error is, you need to have your own PhoneGap account. It’s free for one project. Once you have account, enter the AuthToken into AppStudio Preferences:

Build using your new account, then log into PhoneGap Build to see the actual message.

I am already discharged as a user, but would not have token to compile.

I don’t think I asked correctly. I would like to know how to trace the error when it occurs.

Either way, by trial and error I could find out what the problem was.

Attached the image of the panel where I marked Co a red circle the place where I had consigned an icon that did not exist.

Removing that icon, ie leaving it blank, compiled without problems. However, and as a constructive critique, it would be important to be able to know why it gives error to avoid wasting time imagining where the problem might be.

Here is what a typical app looks like in If you click on the red “Error” button, it displays the text of the error.

This may be relevant:

Note where it says, “icon and splash management is now handed off to Cordova. this should be seamless, but check that all your icons and splashes are working after upgrading (previously PGB would parse your config.xml, read icon and splash declarations, and stick those files into the correct place in your iOS/Android projects. now PGB simply hands your package to the Cordova CLI, and it does these steps for us. the CLI is better at it now)”

Yes, thanks I have my API for geolocation and it Works using the HTML WEB implemented.

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