Error in app on store


My Android app is on the store.
I have tested it on Android versions 8, 9 and 10 and it works fine for me.
However, one of my users said they get the following error when they load it.

They also uninstalled it from their device then installed it again, and the outcome is the same. They are using Android version 10.

Is there any way for me find this error easily for them? I have no issues at all running the same app on my phone which is the same Android version as them.


You’ll probably need to make some special builds for them with additional messages.

Or, you can send them a debug build and have them use the Remote Debugger to see what is in the Console.

Thanks for your suggestions.

If they use the Remote Debugger, can the user see my full source code? or does obfuscation help hide this?

Yes, they can see your source code. If you obfuscate it, it will be very much harder to read.

If they use the Remote Debugger with obfuscation, does this still highlight the correct line of code with the error?


Yes, but since it’s obfuscated, it isn’t readable.

I sent the user the same version i sent Google, but as debug file and the app works fine with no errors.
Is there any difference between debug and release versions?
Not sure what to try next.


No, there is no difference.

Does a fresh build of the release version still have problems?

I’ll do a fresh build of the release version and send it to them to check.

It appears that the release version can’t be viewed in Remote Debugger. Is that right because i can’t get it to show there?


That’s right. If you could look at the release version using the Remote Debugger, it would be a huge security hole.

I did a fresh rebuild of the app and put it back on the store and the issue is the same.
When i sent the same app as a debug file to the user, there was no errors.
When i sent the same app as a release file to the user, there was no errors.
The error only shows when the user downloads from the app store (i don’t get the error on Android 8, 9 and 10 downloaded from the store) so it is very difficult to find the problem.

Any other ideas?


Does it only happen on the user’s device? Do you have an iPhone of your own to try it on?

It happens on the user’s device and one of their worker’s phones.
I do have an iPhone i use for testing and this seems to be working fine.

I submitted another version to the store with lots of data logging to see if i can narrow down the issue.

I had a user that had a similar issue but a different error message on Android.

It turned out the user was using an old version of Chrome, once they updated to the current version the error message went away.

Might be a similar issue on iOS with Safari.