Error on Android APK


On some devices users are getting the following on a phonegap release version:
he connection to the server was unsuccessful (File:///android_asset/www/index.html)
Does anyone now what is missing?



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I had a similar problem with my users. In my case I traced it back to having the debugger enabled in NSB when the phonegap build was done. The debugger is no longer active and the error message is cause by a timeout at startup trying to connect to the debugger.
Initial workaround was having users go into airplane mode, which stopped the message.
Then I added to the config.xml file for phonegap, which stopped the error but my app was taking forever to startup. it’s then I discovered disabling the debugger fixed the issue.

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You say , disable it in the project properties ? I had the same problem and used what you say,m the app take some time to inialtiize, but works !

thanks in advance


Yes, disable the debugger in the properties and rebuild with phonegap, and that should take care of it (hopefully).


Thank you !


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My problem seems to be different since I never had Debbuger =True and I check again and it is false.


try putting the following in your config.xml. I read the error message is essentially caused by a timeout on connection. of course, what causes the timeout is another matter, but this at least got my program to load, albeit very slowly

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