Error sending JSON via Ajax


Hi, i am sending a JSON stringify via AJAX Post, and the app send an error, this is my code:

Dim i, DBRecords, MyJSON
DBRecords = result

Dim data(recs)
For i=0 To recs-1
MyJSON=JSON.stringify(data) 'If i send it as string i receive the same error
Print MyJSON 'Rigth JSON
MyJSON = JSON.parse(MyJSON) 'if i send it as object same error

req = Ajax(“http://file.php”, “POST”, MyJSON)

If req.status=200 Then 'success
MsgBox(“Confirmation sent.”)
Else 'failure
MsgBox("Error sending " & req.err)
End If

The result: Error sending undefined

how do i have to send the json to my php file?


The message means that req.err has the value undefined.

Add this statement before MsgBox("Error sending " & req.err):


Run it again. Open the Chrome Debugger to the Console window. You should be able to see more about what is being returned in req.

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