Error SQLite IOS


I have version of AppStudio

I have IOS version 16.6

I’m trying to open my app in web safari

But it is giving the following error:

UnknownErrors: Web SQL is deprecated

In this program line:
wscDB = SqlOpenDatabase(“elmo.db”,“1.0”,“ELMO”)

Is SQLite not supported on IOS?

Or do you need some additional configuration?

On android it works perfectly.

SQLite support in Safari was dropped some time ago. The standard committee refers to it as Web SQL - here’s the current support for it across different browsers.

The workaround for iOS is to make a native app and use an SQLite plugin. This works very well and is done by many people.

Is it possible to make a native IOS application with NSB App Studio?
Is there any material with examples?

Yes, AppStudio can make iOS apps. In the Run menu, there is an option called Make Native App with VoltBuilder.

Here’s some documentation to get you started. You’ll need to do a number of steps with Apple to set your app up.