Error using the version of NSB


I’ve been stopped using NSB for about 3 years, and I’m starting again, I’m an experienced programmer, I develop in xharbour and c ++, so some behaviors are different in nsb, but I’m getting the hang of nsb again, and in this new beginning I need help , things that are easy for some, at the moment for me they are so difficult.

I have a program made in version of NSB, and I am with it in a virtual machine here, with the version4.2.6.0 of NSB, and when I post on the website, on chrome F12, these errors appear on the console

[Deprecation] Application Cache was previously restricted to secure origins only from M70 on but now secure origin use is deprecated and will be removed in M82. Please shift your use case over to Service Workers.
(index):837 Uncaught ReferenceError: Grid1_settings is not defined
at (index):837
(anonymous) @ (index):837
(index):3076 Uncaught ReferenceError: Grid_1_settings is not defined
at (index):3076
(anonymous) @ (index):3076
(index):8430 Grid_46_Grid load complete

  1. Error 01 - “Grid_1_settings is not defined at (index):3076”

I searched Ctrl + F for “Grid1”, and didn’t find it in all the code, I opened all forms and didn’t find this object, I can search for an object in all forms as I do with Ctrl + F in the code , this “Grid1” was not supposed to exist

  1. Error 02 - Grid_1_settings is not defined at (index):3076

“Grid_1” exists, but it gives this error, I already checked other grids of the project, and the others don’t give this error, and I didn’t see anything different from this for others

unfortunately I stopped in these mistakes and I can’t continue, if necessary I pass anydesk the teamviewer for someone to see and help me




  1. The Application Cache has been rendered obsolete by the powers that be on the internet (Chrome, Safari, etc.). It’s been replaced by PWA (Progressive Web Apps), which overall works much better. Support for this was added in AppStudio starting with 7.4:

  2. It looks like you have both Grid1 and Grid_1 controls in your app. Have a look at each of your forms in the Project Explorer. If you really cannot find them, zip your project up and send it to me.


I sent email with the zip for you.


We no longer support AppStudio 4. I had a quick look at the project: it uses a number of controls which are no longer supported in AppStudio. You’ll need to update those before you can run your project in a modern version of AppStudio.

(We had no choice but to deprecate those controls years ago - the authors of them had abandoned all support)

There are references in the code to both Grid1 and Grid_1.

this is the only project on NSB that is working on my clients, as soon as I get it to work on NSB I for see how its works, I will start migrating it to the new version, but I need to make it work

I know you said that you no longer support the old version, but with your extensive knowledge, you can help me

I found out that it’s not working and it makes the project not work are the project grid

what is making this project not work, are the grids, so if someone can give me the way for these grids to work, it would solve my problem

I use like this below:

At begin of project


-> at begin of form where is the grid

Dim data, source, dataAdapter

data = “”; 'generatedata_46(50); ’ data_46
source = {localdata: data, datatype: “array”};
dataAdapter = new $.jqx.dataAdapter(source);

Grid_46_settings.source = dataAdapter
Grid_46_settings.columns = [ _
{ text: “Codigo”, dataField: “CodigUsuar”, width: 50 }, _
{ text: “Nome do Usuário”, dataField: “DescrUsuar”, width: 180 }, _
{ text: “Vendedor”, dataField: “CodigVende”, width: 80 } ]

if I can do jqxGrid run, I solve my problem, Can Anyone help me for this grid run ok.


Does the jqxGrid sample work?

trying to find out why this project doesn’t work, I copied the folder, and deleted all the forms and left only the initial form, and added the forms, and when I added a form that has this grid defined, which is the type of grid used throughout the project, it doesn’t work

when there is no form n46 in the project with the figure below

works ok, like the figure below

when there is the form n46 in the project with the figure below

it does not works ok, like the figure below