Error with a new project using the version of NSB


I started a new project, with version of NSB, and it was going very well, then it stopped working on chrome after publishing.
I always backup the entire folder, so I returned a backup that was working and it also stopped working, I think it is something in the java code, I read something about the error and I already installed the “web developer” in chrome and continue these errors after publish the project

“DevTools failed to parse SourceMap:”"/nav/projetoinicial/toolbox/bs4/dist/js/"
"DevTools failed to parse SourceMap:

appstudioFunctions.js:1962 Error encountered:"
Uncaught TypeError: is not a function

Line: 1368
Column: 17
code.js:1368 Uncaught TypeError: is not a function
at updateTable91 (code.js:1368)
at executar_update_table (code.js:88)
at Main (code.js:42)
at (index):2640
updateTable91 @ code.js:1368
executar_update_table @ code.js:88
Main @ code.js:42
(anonymous) @ (index):2640
load (async)
(anonymous) @ (index):2635
appstudioFunctions.js:1962 Error encountered:
Uncaught TypeError: is not a function

what do i have to do for these functions like “” to work again ?



Glad to see you upgraded from the past version.

The error can be ignored.

I think you need to track down the DataTable91 object. I find the chrome inspector very helpful in cases like this. Beware, the “find string” function in the inspector is not reliable at all. The error does point to code.js, which is your main code file created by AppStudio, Use the inspector to find that line number, then look at the code and you should be able to see where it is in your project code.

I think I found the error, I managed to make it work on another project and I compared it step by step and it seems that this is in the definition of the name of the variables,


Here’s more on the minmap error:

Yesterday I had to stop with NSB, I had to resolve other issues here at the company, I have been working with NSB for two weeks now, and I was doing very well,
but some things happen that I can’t understand, and I keep shooting around to see if I can fix the problem, sometimes it works, not always

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but I haven’t figured out what’s wrong yet.
to publish on the site, sometimes I publish it and it doesn’t go, or something happens, there through filezilla, I delete the folder, I publish it again and I update the publication, and even that, it’s not solved the problem…

but the most interesting of all is that I spent the whole monday trying to find an error about updateDataTabel(), yesterday I did not touch it, and I went to see today, the same code that did not work, now it works …
what could have happened?

one day it always gave the message that the variable n95_get_name did not exist, I updated the publication, deleted the folder through filezilla, published again and nothing, and always the error that the variable did not exist, then I changed the name from n95_get_name to n95get_name , and it worked…
is that because?

There really isn’t enough information here to say anything.

Does it work ok when running locally in the browser?

They say that those who seek and do not give up, can always find it, I will tell you what is happening, that one hour we will find out why, the most important thing is that it returned to work, and I can continue working now

but there is something strange, see just the same form that I exported from the project that was in error, to another project that I started from scratch, and they are different in both within the NSB, I think there may be something in the project settings

Old project, same form

New Project, same form

why the same form appear diferent em diferents projects


There’s always a good reason. First step might be to run the app and see if there are any error messages in the Chrome Debugger.

where the image in the project doesn’t appear

and where the image apper

It looks like your deployed version is missing a number of important files in the image which is not working.