Error with ajax()

I’m trying to use ajax() to get data from a remote computer.
My code is

  arch = Ajax("http://" &inpURLInterfases.value & "/descarga.php/?catalogo=actividades.txt")
  If arch.status = 200 Then
     MsgBox "ERROR" & vbCRLF & arch.statusText
  End If  

When I run the code on my computer (chrome) it runs flawlessly.
Then I generated a native android app using voltserver
I tried the app in an android tablet (Android 10) and in an android phone (Android 12), both give back this error message:

NetworkError: Failed to execute ‘send’ on ‘XMLHttpRequest’: failed to load ‘

As I mentioned, it runs flawlessly on Chrome (Mac & Windows 10)

All comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

Try checking the remote Console on the device - I bet there are error messages.

You probably need to set up a Content Security Policy. You can put it in Project Properties.