EULA showing every time?


Every time I launch my app, the EULA text shows and asks me to accept. I would expect that this is only shown once (if accepted).

Do I need to add any code when loading the app to check if it’s been accepted?

Happens with browser builds and android builds, debug or release.

Dev tools in the Chrome makes it look like the right value has been set to local storage.

Any suggestions?

Can you try this on a different machine?

Any chance you are blocking cookies?

I’ve tried on multiple machines, and confirmed that cookies aren’t blocked. This also happens with with both web and native android deployments.

Does the same thing happen to you with the sample?

Yes, same thing with the sample.

Thanks for reporting this!

It’s fixed in the next build. If you need the new build right away, let me know.

Thanks! That’s service!

I can wait a little - when would the next build normally be posted?

We usually wait till the new release fixes a few things or has new features - otherwise, people would need to update every few days.

Actually, if the new build is going to take longer than a week, it would be grand to get an early build. I’m holding up a pushing our new app to the Play Store. Cheers,

We’ll get you an advance build. Windows or MacOS?

MacOS please.

Beta build sent by WeTransfer. Let me know if it works properly for you.

Sorry, how do I access WeTransfer? Should I receive an email or to you have an AppStudio portal the build is posted to?

You should have gotten an email. Can you check your spam folder? Other, email me at and I’ll send it again.

When is the next version coming out that fixes this issue? I can see the flag set to true in Local Storage but the EULA keeps coming up when the web app is reopened.



8.5.7 has now been released - give it a try!