Examples SQLite WASM

Where can I find the updated examples below for SQLite WASM?

The samples SQLSample1, SQLSample2 and SQLSample3 have been updated with to use SQLite WASM

They are in the latest AppStudio build.

We’re continuing to improve our SQlite WASM support - hope to have more in the next build.

Can I find these examples on the website www.nsbasic.bom?

They install with AppStudio. From the File menu, choose Open Sample Project.

Chrome 124 has just been released - earlier than we expected. This affects SQLite support. We’re on it.

Using app studio

Where can I find the examples?

SQLSample1, SQLSample2 and SQLSample3 with SQLite WASM

Did you look in Open Sample Project?

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 3.42.27 PM

Release 9.0.4, just out, saves your database in localStorage, so you don’t lose any data when the app is reloaded.

There is more information here.

I have these commands below using Sqlite

    rPtd011 = Join([pt11Chave, pt11Codigo, pt11Nome, pt11Senha, pt11Situacao],",")
    wscSqlList[0]="INSERT OR REPLACE INTO ptd011DB (pt11Chave,pt11Codigo,pt11Nome,pt11Senha,pt11Situacao) VALUES ( " & rPtd011 & ");"
    Sql(wscDB, wscSqlList)

What would this same syntax look like for Sqlite3 Wasm?

Where can I find the Sqlite3 Wasm documentation?

This looks very much like an earlier question.

Have a look at it and see if it helps.