Existing sqlite in pc to app

How can a sqlite database be open by the app ?

Thnks !

Can you explain a bit more what you are trying to do?

Open an existing database in the pc and use data
In the app.
Let’s say : import the db into the app for further read, write, delete records.

Make an app that can choose from tables some items to produce an invoice with article,quantity and amount…
At end send data to an history file for further usage…

Is it OK if the SQLite database is only contained in the browser’s storage, or is it an external database?

Database is in the pc .

So I want to copy it into the app.

Just for test purposes.

For security purposes, Chrome and Safari can only access databases in their own sandbox. (You would not want a remote website to be able to open any database on your computer!)

Here’s a great case for making an Electron app:

If you use the sqlite node module:

you can read and write an external node module.

I’m referring to students db in you samples…
To develop another app it is interesting to use my own database ( the contents of it have no privacy values )
To develop for android i can use internal file dir…