Extreme sluggishness of the IDE, other quirks


I’m a registered user running the latest version of NSB AppStudio.

What is happening is that the IDE is extremely slow, even on my powerful PC (Six core AMD, 16Gb, SSD, GTX1015ti) even when doing simple things:

  1. When opening the IDE, it load the last used project, and this takes AGES, typically 20+ seconds

  2. When opening IDE preferences, it takes AGES, typically 40+ seconds!

  3. When dragging a resize handle in the designer, it takes 2+ seconds to begin moving, and when you release the mouse it takes another 2+ seconds to accept the drag, making it unusable…

Apart from being slow, the IDE also has some strange behaviors:

  1. When a design object is inside a container, clicking the object will activate the container! So, there’s no way to select it in the designer, but…

  2. When you select it on the project tree, then right click on it to access its context menu… The menu has none of the commands of the context menu you get when you right click on the object in the designer!

  3. Also, if now, having selected the object in the project tree you try to drag some of its handles in the designer, you’ll drag… the container!

So, it’s a continuous back and forth between the designer and the project tree and the property panel, and it makes the workflow very slow.

So, what’s happening there?

Thanks for any insight!

IDE Speed:

  1. How large is your project? I just tried a big one here: 50 forms, 30,000 lines of code. It took about 3 seconds.
  2. That doesn’t sound right at all - it should be immediate.
  3. Again, much slower than it should be.

In the About screen, there is an option to look at the log. Are errors being thrown?

IDE Behavior:

  1. This will be improved in the next version.
  2. Also in the next version.
  3. This one too.

The project is not big: 11 forms, 2k code lines…

No error at all in the log…

Just to know it, next version means next major version or next minor version?


In that case, there is no way AppStudio should be that slow. Do you have a lot of tabs open?

We don’t make specific promises until we’re ready to ship. Things are always changing…

Even with only 5 tabs opened, opening the project still takes 10+ seconds, and opening preferences hasn’t changed a bit, still 40+ seconds.

By the way, even if I close its tab, there’s a js file I added to the project that keeps opening its tab at project loading… The other project parts, forms, code files, etc, stay closed and appear in a tab only if I open them, this file is shown in a tab at every load of the project, no matter if it was opened or not!

About dragging handles, starting to drag has become a bit better (but still lags behind the pointer movements), but when you release the mouse button it still takes more than 1 second to complete the drag processing!

About the features you say will be in the next version, saying that you don’t make promises in that way is just like saying “maybe in the future we might add them”… :slight_smile:

Would it be possible for you to zip your project folder and send it to me? Let’s see if it is slow on my machine too.

Where should I send it?

Send it to support@nsbasic.com

Sent my app to the given address!

No sign of it. How big is the zip file?

The file is around 9Mb.

Not all email programs will let you send an attachment that size. Try using something like DropBox.

Resent from my GMAIL address.

Thanks - got the files this time.

I notice something odd right away: you reference 3 images which are in an odd place:

It’s best if you keep all the files and images in the project folder.

Without those files, the project opens quickly and goes to all forms without any delay. There ls less than 1 second delay when moving items in the Design Screen.