F6 and F7 suggestion and bug


Hi guys

Many times i press F6 by accident and … surprise… all my files upload to ftp server and take long time…
I dont know if all one agree, but i belive it wold be very helpfull a confirm message by appstudio, is it possible George?

Another topic, using F7 to update ftp code, any external .js is not update with code.js


I think changing F6 to have an “Are you sure?” would have a lot of pushback. It’s an extra step which would slow down a lot of people.

F7 is working as documented:

The idea is to have a fast version of deploy. It all external JS files were included, it would not be much quicker than regular deploy.


“I think changing F6 to have an “Are you sure?” would have a lot of pushback.


My 2cents



Come on guys… remove F6 so… the problem is press f6 agaist F5… my apps take more then 7 min to upload…
Or you can put a setup in preferences to ask a confirmation…


7 minutes to upload sounds like it’s the real problem. How big is your app (megabytes and number of files)? How fast is your internet connection? Are you using ftp or sftp?


Around 20MB, we use jqwidgets in a local folder, its take long time to upload… We have some imagens too. But the worst is the jqwidgets folder.


Can you answer all my questions?


I’ve never had an F6 or F7 problem like you’ve described and I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a bug as your title implies.

Yes, a few times when I first started using AppStudio I would accidentally hit the F6 button and it caused a delay but you know what I ended up doing? I stopped pressing that button by mistake. A far easier solution and I’ve never had the problem again.

Good luck.


You do not need the entire jqwidgets folder - only the files that your application actually uses. If you do not know which files to include, remove all the files and open your project. AppStudio will tell you which files it needs.


I am old fashion developer… I use keyboard too much… LOL…
I said bug about F7 dont update others .js, not about F6. F6 is my personal bug… But if F7 works just to code.js, fine…

George i belive my pending questions is about my internet and ftp, I use an 100MB (very fast in Brazil) internet and send to ftp site ftp.xmenu.com.br. Some imagens are too large.

I dont want to make a discution around it, if it is possible ok, otherwise, cancel this topic


Try switching to SFTP. It does some compression and should be faster.