Facebook stole your logo

I see Meta has plagiarized AS’s logo. I see a big multi million dollar settlement coming :wink:

Screenshot_20211029-230226_One UI Home

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LOL - that’s what I thought as well. I think our designer did it a bit better!

Send them a little cease and desist and CC Reuters and AP. lol Minimally you’d get some free publicity.

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Zuckerberg already owns a Meta trademark incorporating a stylized infinity symbol.

Trademark law is complicated and uncertain. I’m pretty sure we’d get buried by Facebook if we tried to take this to court. We’d rather spend the energy on AppStudio itself.

He can have a trademark but “prior use” goes a long, long way. FB would use a “bury” legal tactic but having the press informed would turn it into a Sampson vs Goliath battle and turn the press and public opinion against FB and FB can’t withstand that kind of bad press (especially at this time). The other option is for FB to acquire the “rights.” No matter which path AppStudio takes, eventually a letter will come.

The legal costs against FB would be monstrous and fail, even if it were identical.

It’s easy enough to change.

The actual legal test is whether there is “likelihood of confusion” between the marks.

If you search the USPTO trademark database you will find thousands of marks incorporating a stylized infinity mark.

Personally, I don’t see enough of a similarity between Zuckerberg’s mark and the NSB mark to cause any confusion among consumers. (BTW, I’m a retired intellectual property attorney)

Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. Back in the 80’s I had a logo that someone else copyrighted about two years after I officially began using it in commerce. They sent a cease and desist letter. We ended up in court and had their trademark overturned based on prior use. Luckily for us, the other guy wasn’t an 800lb gorilla. LOL I’m not sure why FB would pick a logo that’s so common and so easily contestable. The whole experience taught me the value of filing and protecting (or selling quickly!)