Feature Request: Lock Items in the design screen

Would it be possible in the next update to add a “lock” check box to items on the design screen so they can’t be edited or moved until it’s unlocked. Maybe also lock the whole Form as well as individual items.

I find sometimes i accidentally select the wrong item on the design screen, change the size or something then can’t remember what the original size was and have to spend ages re-building it and re-testing it on different devices sizes to get the layout back to what it needs to be.

There already is a mechanism to lock a Form: there is a property called locked which can be set to true or false.

You should also be able to control this in the right click context menu, but I just noticed this is not working properly.

I tried using the Lock method as you describe but I’m still able to edit the items on the design screen, the lock property didn’t seem to have any effect.

That’s correct. The lock is for the Design Screen, not for the properties window.