Feature Request

When building an app with “Make Native App with Voltbuilder” for release i.e.

run ios --release
run android --release

Could you please show an alert if obfuscation=“None”.

I set obfuscation to “None” when debugging and the amount of times I have forgotten to change the obfuscation setting for a release build and then have uploaded it to the app stores is too many times.

It’s a real pain when this happens because I then have to create another new version number and build the app again to upload the obfuscated version to the app stores.

Thank you.

I can see how this is a pain.

However, my guess is that most people do not obfuscate their code. If someone doesn’t normally obfuscate, should they have to go through an extra prompt reminding them to do so?

Perhaps you could add the option to turn the notification on/off : Warn of non-obfuscation code for release builds = Yes/No