Flowchart component?

I need to develop an app which incorporates a flowchart editor. I played with AppStudio, but could not find any widget / component doing that. Has anyone faced and addressed this need? Any options? Thanks!

Here’s a library which does this:

(There may be others).

It should work fine with AppStudio - contact me directly if you would like us to make a demo app for you.

Thanks a lot. I’ve also identified a js library which would perfectly fit my need:

It takes some “graph code” and turns it into a flowchart diagram.

However, I realize that what I am missing is - I’m afraid - something much more basic: understanding how an external js library (as opposed to a buyilt-in “visual widget”) can be used in AppStudio to generate output.

What I would like to have is a simple page with a textbox where graph code can be written (easy), and a panel where the resulting diagram is shown (no clue…)

Here’s a blog post which may help: