Folder for PDF files

In my application I have put an HTMLview to view useful PDF files for the user of the application, and that works OK.
But I would need the user to be able to change those pdf files for others I prefer, so I will need local storage.
So: how can I indicate a folder on the device where the user copies their pdf, and the application can visualize them?
Is a database with PDF files possible?

Any possible solution?
Thank you

Do you want your apps to save the pdfs in the local device’s file system? You won’t be able to do that - web apps are not allowed to make changes to the file system. (This is a good idea - malicious web apps would otherwise be possible). You can save files using PhoneGap.

Otherwise, you will need to save the pdf files in localStorage.

But is the app capable of reading a file from the mobile SD card?
That would be enough, since the user would record the PDF with the mobile system, in Documents, for example.

Hi there… is this a web, or standalone or telephone application?

It is an engineering application, in which pdf is consulted with equipment data.
I would need to be able to read pfd files from the documents folder, or downloads, or the SD card.
All forbidden?

After reading about the phonegap plugin file, I can now access the sd card with

   fileName = "Eden.pdf"
   folder = cordova.file.externalRootDirectory & fileName
   HTMLview1.innerHTML = "<iframe src = '" & folder & "' width = 360 height = 440> </ iframe>"
   HTMLview1.refresh ()

If the file does not exist, an error appears on the device
file: ///storage/emulated/0/Eden.pdf "

But if it exists on the card, the HTMLview control simply appears blank.
I have tried changing properties such as scroll, height, width, etc. without result.
Everything works perfectly in the browser.

Any idea will be grateful

I can not find a solution to display .PDF files in the HTMLview controls when building a native application with Phonegap.
Deploying in the Browser, or in a local folder, they are perfectly displayed, but when you build APK, a blank box appears on the phone.

Is it a Phonegap or Nsbasic failure?

It’s probably something you need to fix in PhoneGap.

Use the Chrome Remote Debugger to see what error messages are happening.