Font size of app vs pwa

I’ve been using PWA’s for, like ever, for my business apps but recently tried my first volt builder app. The font size on the volt app is around 15% bigger in the app as opposed to the pwa run version. This expected? Can I change some setting somewhere to rectify that difference?

That doesn’t sound like something VoltBuilder could affect - it’s something else.

Displayed text size is effected by the font and/or size settings on the device by the user OR no size is set in your .css file so your app is defaulting to that of the rendering engine on the device.

I have a wide range of font sizes throughout the app but all are roughly 15% bigger. I have some nsb.msgbox buttons labeled <h3>OK</h3> ,<h3>Cancel</h3> and it fits on the pwa nicely, the voltapp has it overflowing. The worst one is in the photo here…

In this photo the “take shot again” label is wrapped to the next line.

How are you defining the font size? EG, is it inherited? Are you using percentages? Specific Point sizes? Maybe cut and paste the relevant code.

Points in the labels and css headings in the msgboxes

Pptree was right. I found a setting on my phone and reduced the fontsize.

Is it possible to disconnect my app from the system font settings?

No you can’t disconnect your app from the device settings. It’s best to design using % vs px. px will never be the same across devices so never relative to your design BUT % will always be relative to the px on the device so your design is much more likely to be relative across devices. (Did I say that right?)

Personally, I use em as much as possible. 1em vs 2em is rendered correctly no matter the devices resolution or the users overrides.

An em is still determined by the device, correct? So still variable?

When you say use ‘%’ for fontsize, do you mean
fontsize = window.inerheight * 0.02?