Footer bar buttons on iPad Pro 12"

I’m having an issue on the iPad Pro where the footer bar buttons shift out of the footer bar. If I rotate the iPad to landscape and back to portrait, the buttons move back into the correct position (see pics).

The footer bar position is set to fixed. style is set to float:left;position:fixed;. I copied this footer element as is from one of the sample projects. The buttons blockLevel is left blank and style is empty as well. Is there something I can do to prevent the buttons from shifting up out of the footer when the page is first loaded?

Button positions when the page is first loaded:

Buttons shift into correct position after device is rotated and back again.



Is this the jQuery Mobile Footerbar control?

It is not a jQuery Mobile Footerbar control.

What control is it?

It’s a Header control. I copied it from one of the Footer sample projects. Within this control is a GridRow, 2 columns and a button in each.

It isn’t really possible to help much with the information you have provided. It doesn’t seem like an AppStudio specific problem, however.

Best bet would be to create a small project which shows the problem and post it here. Maybe someone will have a look at it and have an idea. There are a lot of possibilities!

Also, have you tried this on anything other than an iPad Pro? Does it work ok elsewhere?

It works fine on the iPhone (7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X and 11 Max Pro) as well as the Android tablets. Just the iPad Pro version is showing this issue. Seems to correct itself on the iPad Pro only if the screen is refreshed in some way.