Form.fadein() not working as expected

I’ve created a modal form and initially used to display it when necessary which did what was expected - it placed the form in the middle of the screen with a small (x) at the top right so I could close it and the onshow function was executed.

I decided to change that to form.fadein() and now the modal form appears at the very top of the screen with no little (x) to close it and the onshow function is not executed.

Is this correct behaviour?

I was able to fix it by executing form.fadein() and then (I used both instead of just one) and this then displayed the form in the middle with the (x) and executed the onshow function as expected (and the form faded in!).

Again, is this correct behaviour?


Modal forms have their own way of doing fade in and out:

Check out fadeDuration and fadeDelay properties.

Brilliant, thanks for that.

You may want to add a note to fadein and fadeout in to let others who find it there know that it’s different with forms. :blush:


Thanks - docs have been updated.