Form.fullScreen not found

The Form.height and Form.width properties reference another property called “fullScreen”. The Wiki ( describes this property as: True/False. Should the form fill the entire screen?.

Unfortunately, the Properties doesn’t have a property called fullScreen. It does, however, have a property “screenMode” that has a value “Full Screen”.

Is there really a “fullScreen” property or has it been supplanted by “screenMode”?

“fullScreen” got renamed “screenMode” a few years ago:

The descriptions for those form properties are fixed in the next build. Thanks for spotting this!

Thanks George. Just a general comment, it would be helpful if you could update the Wiki documentation as you issue new versions of the product. I realize how hard this is for a small company. For example, the “using the chrome debugger” page needs a refresh because the Chrome debugger UI has changed significantly. E.g., CTRL-Shift-J is now CTRL-Shift-I

We’re constantly updating the Wiki. If you spot something that needs to be updated, let us know.

We’re also happy when our users do the changes as well - there is too much for us to keep on top of everything!

No doubt! As a newby, I don’t feel qualified to update the Chrome debugger page - maybe someone else… I’ll certainly keep it in mind for small and obvious changes.