Form partially loads

I have what appears to be a relatively random issue in my app. I have approximately 10 forms all
height=520, width=320, design height=520, design width=320, position=absolute, screenmode=fullscreen, scrolling OFF

One screen is set
height=1520, width=1320, design height=100% design width=100%, position=relative, screenmode=fullscreen, scrolling OFF

When flipping from screen to screen, either as a phonegap app or just in a chrome browser, occasionally the bottom half of the screen wont load (bottom half of screen is white), and scroll bars appear, so you can scroll the whole form, but for some reason it seems to think the size is smaller than before. If I just resize the browser a tiny bit, or as an APP rotate the phone landscape/back to portrait it fixes itself. It’s obviously really annoying and I cant seem to figure out. The scrollbars have me perlplexed as scrolling is off on the forms.

I did lots of experimenting and it seems to happen when launching a from form the “position relative” page to a absolute position page. Havent fully figured out the cause, but making pages relative or absolute makes it go away