Form scroll affecting other forms scroll positions

I have a row of buttons on Form1 that require scrolling down about half way to access the bottom of the button list. Form 2 and Form 3 both have listgroups that are about 30 items each and require scrolling. The problem is that when I scroll Form1 to the bottom, click a button that goes to Form 2, that form2 (with a listgroup) is also already scrolled to the bottom of the list. Same thing happens to Form3, Form4 etc…

It’s like Form1 scroll position is controlling all the other forms scroll position.

Any way to prevent the other Forms being scrolled halfway down the list when the form is shown? I’ve searched the docs but cannot find a solution. Any help?

Forms are all currently set to static. Listgroups are in a container also set to static. Scrolling Enabled in the app. Form scroll switch does not seem to help.

Can you produce a minimal app which does this? It will help isolate the problem.