Forms are not updating on Samsung S7

Hi, I have just had a an issue start last night. I have been updating my app, and deploying it to Volt to test it on my various devices. On my Galaxy Tab S2, it updates just fine. On my Galaxy S7 Edge, however, only the JS seems to be updating. The forms are not updating. If I make a change to the code, I can see it happening on the phone. However, if I make a change to the Form (such as adding a new control) it does not get updated. I also changed the setting to have the app ask before updating - this now happens on my Tab but not on the S7, apparently because that setting is not a change to the JS.
I have tried clearing the cache completely on my phone for the app, and restarting it, but that doesn’t help. It seems to keep the old forms and only update the JS. This is not happening on the S7 and if I load the app on Chrome for Windows on my PC, it also works fine.
Help! How do I get it to update on my phone?

If you’re cleared the cache on the device completely, the old form information should have been removed.

If it’s still getting old form information, it could be downloading from the wrong location. Have you checked that?