Forms old project not show

I have updated Appstudio from version 6 to 8.5, but there is a problem.

I have loaded several version 6 programs, with “load old program”, and after loading everything, the screens do not appear (the code does), it remains showing a message in the lower left: “Creating Index.html”
Everything, forms and controls appear in the project window, but the design screen is not shown, only the code screen.

  1. Are you using jQuery Mobile controls?

  2. When you run the app, are there any messages in the Chrome Console?

That happened to me today when I loaded an older project. There were jQuery mobile controls so I decided to run FrameworkConverter. Then all controls showed again on the forms.


Yes there the forms contains some jQuery mobile controls.
Where is the Framework Converter?

The docs and a link to the utility are here:

The Framework Converter was made using AppStudio - source code is there too.

I have used the FrameworkConverter and it has transformed the Jquery controls to Boostrap, but the project has been ruined, the buttons have lost the images, the lists have changed, execution error, etc.
This is not correct. A software program should load projects from a few years ago without much trouble.
In addition, the program works executed in the browser, even though the screens were not shown in AppStudio.
I think it must be a bug bug from version 8.
How can I keep using jQuery Mobile in AppStudio8?

The Framework Converter has this note:

Notes All controls are converted, with the exception of controls which do not exist in Bootstrap 4. In this case, the converter will replace these controls with a simple Container with the same name and dimensions.

You’ll have to do fixups to your controls after the conversion is done. This utility does not expect to a complete conversion, but it will save you a lot of time by producing a new project with all the same controls, with the same ids, text values and positions.

jQuery Mobile was abandoned by its authors in 2015 and has not been updated since. It now has serious security and compatibility problems. We’ve been warning people for years that they need to convert. It’s time.