Freeze first row of Grid

Trying to find a simple way of freezing the top row of a common grid. From my searches it seems like ‘???.style.position = “sticky”’ should be what I need. Anyone got success in this area?

Don’t know about “sticky” but my method is to place a one row grid above the scrolling grid. Customize it with colors and titles accordingly.


I do the same but column widths need to be fixed, then it gets a bit messy when x scrolling is allowed.

I’m looking at this but can’t get it to work for me.

Depending on your needs, you might try using datatables with titles. I believe on of the extensions of datatables has sticky and their search can be better.

Thank you. I did look at that.I’m very comfortable with the ease of modifying the common grid to look how I want it. Images in cells, border colours, thicknesses etc. It’s one of those things I find online and can’t seem to make it happen in my apps. There is ways around it but looking for simplicity.