FTP deploy now requires FTP over TLS

A recent change to my web deployment server now requires me to use FTP over TLS. This means that the previously simple project deploy over FTP in AppStudio no longer works. It now gets the error : “550 SSL/TLS required on the control channel”. Using SFTP does not seem like an easy option.
Any thoughts on how I might enable FTP over TLS in AppStudio. This works in Filezilla when straight FTP does not. In the worse case I can do a separate deploy but it used to be so seamless in AppStudio.

In AppStudio Preferences, you can specify SFTP as your Protocol. You’ll need to supply your SFTP Key as well. Have you tried that?

Apologies, I wasn’t clear in my original message about why SFTP is not an easy option. My server provider doesn’t support it to my knowledge, and I’m just not sure how to get it enabled and get a certificate. Google here we come.

It would be easier to use FTP over TLS, but if AppStudio only supports either plain FTP or SFTP, I suppose I’ll start the alternative. Thanks.

FTP itself has been obsolete for many years - I’m not surprised support for it is being dropped.

It’s worth asking your provider if SFTP is possible.