FTP File Transfer

There are some way to send and get files in nsbasic via FTP ?

Thanks !

FTP is pretty obsolete now. It has security flaws and is not much used in new applications.

Do you have to use it, or it it just what you are most familiar with?

AJAX is the preferred solution for Web apps.

No, is because the images repository of my customer is in a ftp ( I prefer a webserver ) , then probaly I´ll need this , just for that !

Thanks !

How would I use AJAX to save data from form fields in my online / stand alone app (not mobile) and how would I also be able to load them back in?

How could I send said data to all networked nodes via IP address?



@karmacomposer - this looks like a separate issue. Can you open a new thread?

@Ricardo_Cassolatto - if that’s what the client needs, I guess you have to try to do it. Do you want to do this from a mobile device or the desktop?

You’ll need to use a PhoneGap Plugin. Have a look at this:

Thak you so much !!! I´ll study it !