Full screen Web app iPhone Safari

Can someone tell me what needs to be added to my web app code that allows it to run full screen on safari using an iPhone 6s?

Thank you,

David Holt

Do you mean to save the app on the Home screen?

Here’s a step by step I found on the web:

Thank you! I can do that but if I have an update to that and replace it with a newer version the old version still runs even after I delete the old clear history it just doesn’t totally replace the old code somehow somewhere it is cached when I add it to the Home Screen please help!

If you deploy the new version to the server, the app should update on the device next time it is run. No need to install again.

Try this…create a Web App 2 buttons one says ONE the other button says TWO deploy it. using Safari from an iphone 6s phone connect to the web app you will see button ONE and button TWO. Add it to your home screen on the iphone 6s. Now run the web app from your home screen it is now full screen great. You will see Button ONE and TWO. now change button TWO to button THREE and redeploy. Delete the Web App on your phone and from the Safari Browser run the web App you will see Button ONE and THREE now add to the Home Screen run it from there you WILL NOT see Button ONE and Button THREE you will See Button ONE and Button TWO again. removing the Web App from the home screen only deletes the ICON not the reference to the Web Page/App. Any suggestions?

You may have messed up the Cache memory on your phone. You can clear it in Settings… Safari… Advanced.