Fullscreen in screenMode sizing beyond iOS screen size

I am attempting to update an older IOS app which used to use Phonegap Build to Voltbuilder. The forms are all responsive design, and before I always had screenMode set to “Fullscreen” and the screen to display well on all iphones.

Unfortunately when I build and test now, the form is sizing to beyond the bottom of the iPhone screen, so the bottom portion is being cut off. This seems to happen on older and newer phones however it’s more pronounced on the newer phones with the notch.

I am thinking the form resize is not taking into account the space for the statusbar/notch. Is there anyway to control this or make the fullscreen mode display correctly on iOS devices?


Try this in your css

@supports(padding:max(0px)) {
    body, header, footer, .NSBheader {
        padding-left: min(0vmin, env(safe-area-inset-left));
        padding-right: min(0vmin, env(safe-area-inset-right));

viewportfit: cover

Thanks Pro_Certs that seems to have fixed the issue. Much appreciated!

I’m curious what default form size for do you use in NSB to develop with. I know responsive will adjust to the bigger display, but I’ve been using default 460h x 320w for many years and wonder if I should use a different size to optimize the layout.