GDPR Data Processing Agreement

Hello from Germany (Europe)!

According to the European “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR), application developers will have to present a “Data Processing Agreement” between you and the developer if the application is offered to european users.

Normally, service providers have a generic statement which they send to developers.

Do you have such an agreement? Where could I find it?

Thanks in advance for your effort!

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Andreas Rozek

We’re aware of the GDPR and our processes are consistent with the intent of that policy. It’s a good idea and we would like to see it in all countries.

We have not implemented all the requirements yet. You can expect us to do so as the compliance level of other US and Canadian companies increases.


unfortunately, this is a “yes-or-no” situation: if you do not have a “Data Processing Agreement” because you did not yet implement all requirements, european developers can not legally use your service and offer it to their customers.

This is especially important for german developers as german law allows lawyers to scan the internet for services which are not or not completely (GDPR-)compliant and make money from these findings.

Please inform us as soon as you are GDPR-compliant!

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Andreas Rozek

The last thing we want to do is make lawyers rich!

We’ve opened an issue to deal with this.


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Thank you very much!

It is about personal data. In case you process / handle personal data that your customers get from their customers and let you process / handle these personal data.

I assume that e.g. in my case you do not get personal data of the users of my (free) apps. Even I do not get such data. The users are completely anonymous.
BTW: Making lawyers rich is related to Germany’s law against unfair competition. EU provides own fines.

Now, that some time has passed, let me ask my question again: do you have a “Data Processing Agreement” now?

As mentioned before: without such an agreement, european developers must not offer VoltCloud-based applications to their users/customers

Kind regards,

Andreas Rozek

It is now in our Privacy Policy.

I see, now I’ll have to check if that page will be sufficient…

Thanks anyway for your effort!