Generate TextArea objects at runtime

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Quick question. I am doing a project where I generate jqm objects at runtime (this is because I do not know if advance how many objects should I need).

I already generated Labels, Images, Select Controls, and Textboxes; however I do not know which code or name should be posted in order to create a text area. Here is my example of an image control:

Function CreateImage(idName,width, height, leftSide, top,srcImage,hidestatus)
Dim obj

obj = document.createElement(“img”) ->> my question is which value should be instead of img to get a TextArea

obj.setAttribute(“id”, idName) = "absolute" = width & "%" = height & "%" = leftSide & "%" = top & "%"

End Function

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This might help…

obj = document.createElement(“textarea”)

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Thanks a lot Doug. That worked nicely.

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