Get ride of white screen for iphone Web app

Could someone please give me an example how to create a launch screen for iphone6s I have tried numerous online examples but nothing works the white screen that comes up looks bad and I want the user to have a good experience…

White screen… this is usually before the home page gets shown, right?

Which framework are you using?

Yes before the home page is shown. this is for an iPhone6s I am using Basic NSBApp Studio 7.4

Are you running as a PWA or a PhoneGap app?

My app is PWA

I don’t think there is a good answer to this yet. The iOS browser is based on WebKit, which currently lists the “Web App Manifest” as “In Development”:

Apple has not documented the official way to do splash screens for iOS PWAs.

We’re looking adding a splash screen generator for PWA apps, similar to what AppStudio 8 now does for PhoneGap apps.

That would be great…can’t wait how much is the 7.4 to 8.0 upgrade?

The email about the upgrade is going out this morning.