Get value from PHP

Good day,
I currently have a form in javascript (Login with username and password)
I POST the captured values with req = Ajax( etc. to a PHP script on a server and validates the the username and password to a sqlserver database.
I get the the req.status back and if 200 I open the app for processing.
My requirement is that in the same req I want to retrieve a specific value and store this value on the phone for retrieval later. I do not want the response (echo) to be displayed. It must immediatly be stored in a cookie of some sorts.
Any such example out there?

Have you looked at this Tech Note?

I have, thank you but do not quite see or understand the solution as it would relate to what I want to do

Where is it not working for you? Is the information coming back?

I can get the value I want in PHP from the databse. I need an example of how to pass it back to the client (javascript) and then how to receive the value and then to store this variable data on the phone.

Have a look at the samples in the Tech Note I cited. They return values via PHP.

There are also samples.

Are you having trouble getting the information back, or saving it?

Hi, thank you for the responses.
I am making progress.
I now have the following code in javascript:
req = Ajax(“https://ccccccccc/ff.php”, “POST” , “username=” + TextBox1.value + “&password=” + TextBox2.value, done);

function done() {
if (req.status == 200) { //success
TextArea1.value = req.responseText;
And I am getting the correct value I want back from php
Now, if I want more values, how would I return an array that I can assign multiple variables in javescript?

I am by no means an expert with AppStudio, but I have been playing around with returning several values (PHP query to a MySql DB) and I just return the whole lot as a CSV

So when I query a database for a score I receive:

John Doe, Game Name, 305

as an example. I then parse that line or lines that are returned and then deal with them - be it individually or put them into an Array.

Sorry for the delay in getting back
I am almost there.
My status with this is as follows:
JavaScript in NSB appstudio is:

req=Ajax("https://itjustworx.bla/blabla/CheckPWD.php?username=" + TextBox1.value + "&password=" + TextBox2.value, done);

PHP module correctly receives this, I process the results and get a numeric “1” back into javascript which is what I want

function done() {

if (req.status == 200) { //success
var tt = req.responseText;

// tt contains the "1"

Now I want to store this result in localStorage.
I’ve tried both

localStorage.MemberBelongsToID = tt;


localStorage.setitem ("MemberBelongsToID ", tt);

I get error in both methods


Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000224 EndHTML:000003393 StartFragment:000003249 EndFragment:000003343 StartSelection:000003249 EndSelection:000003343 SourceURL:file:///C:/inetpub/wwwroot/Responseman/Responseman/index.html

Unable to set property 'MemberBelongsToID' of undefined or null reference.
line 13 column 1

What browser are you using?
Are you running in private or incognito mode?

Try typing this into the browser console:

localStorage.test = "ok"

Hi and thank you!
OK, some feedback and then we can close this thread.
After I have completed the app, applying changes as per suggestions, I have been testing my app using the deploy and I ran it in both Internet Explorer and Chrome on the server. In IE the app ran fine but I got the error I described. In Chrome, I dont get the correct response back, at all. However, testing the localstorage as per your lead in the console, it works fine.
However, that all said, I made the app (Native phonegap app) as is the ultimate intent and it is working perfectly!! One last question, is there any other method I can use to test without deploying to the actual device?
Have a good day!

There is an official Android Emulator:

however I find it much easier and faster to use an actual device.