Getting started again with A/S

I am a long time user of appstudio although I have been known to abandon it for a while and then return. When returning I seldom find things as I left them. My problem, not theirs.
Recently I returned again older but not wiser. I have a website from which I sell my PC version of a coordinate geometry program written with visual basic. In fact an order will come pouring in occasionally, but not for the native android version I included. BTW there are 4 versions of the app to accomodate the screen sizes (phone, 7" and 10" tablet and an evaluation). I never even sold 1 android verison. Now I want to add the iOS version as a web app and see what happens. The coding is dcne so all I had to do was start a voltserver subscription again, provide reasonable names for the versions after deploying to voltserver and revise my website. Piece of cake, right? Wrrrrooongg!
Before, I was able to rename an app fairly easily but now I found the dashboard was not so friendly to me when renaming. I finally figured out to click on the name of the file, have it show in another field, rename it and then save it. The name would change for the URL(if your subscription was in order) and it could be executed from there. However, since I had changed from the free to the essential plan, my serial number changed and I had failed to “deregister and re-register” it, so I received the message that I needed a subscrption. Good ole George, who I count now as a friend, came to my rescue and held my hand through this wrinkle and several others. That problem solved. Then when I tried to deploy to the voltserver I was informed that I had to enter my credentials in the voltserver tab in preferences. What? Where is that? I thought that was already taken care of. Most of you would have known right off that preferences was unter the “tools” menu at the top. But this old man didn’t have a clue. After another day of frustration, I inadvertently clicked it and sure enough, preferences was the first item. When I selected it, a new window showing various things across the top included the voltserver tab and I was home free. I entered email and password and voila, I now had a subscription and could move ahead. One other thing, though…I use 3 computers, a surface pro tablet, a Dell laptop and my main PC so had to put the information into all of them. But…the monitor for the PC did not show the voltserver tab for me to add credentials. The window just showed the 2 places to deploy to. I have no idea how to correct this. Weird, huh? I am surprised this wasn’t addressed earlier. I would appreciate anyone who can help me here. Anyway, I have computers to work on and can go forward. I am relating this boring story in case a reader might encounter a similar issue. Lesson…the obvious isn’t always that to everyone and there are some, like me, who need more hand holding than others. I will say, though, that George is very patient and willing to make sure the helpee is taken care of. Thanks for your time and if there is anything that sticks out that I should know, please speak up.
Jim Schuchert