"Give me a function to convert MMDDYY to a Unix date"


Sure! Here’s a function to convert a date string in the format MMDDYY to a Unix timestamp:

function convertToUnixDate(dateString) {
  const [month, day, year] = dateString.match(/\d{2}/g);
  const formattedDate = new Date(`20${year}-${month}-${day}`);
  const unixTimestamp = Math.floor(formattedDate.getTime() / 1000);
  return unixTimestamp;

You can use this function as follows:

const dateStr = "101021";
const unixDate = convertToUnixDate(dateStr);

In this example, the function takes the date string “101021” and converts it to a Unix timestamp. The resulting timestamp is then logged to the console.

Note: The function assumes that the date string is in the format MMDDYY, where MM represents the month, DD represents the day, and YY represents the two-digit year. It also assumes that the input date is in the 21st century (20YY). If your input follows a different format or ranges, you may need to modify the function accordingly.