Global Store not displaying

The attached project

BIA_Final_AppNo (382.5 KB)}

uses a hamburger menu beginning on the homepage (after log in - use cc and cc). The global store code is in the homepage form .onshow() event - but no hamburger menus are displayed on any subsequent forms. I removed the login information - click the red button to go to the homepage. Here is the code on the homepage. Thoughts?

frmHome.onshow = function () {

hmbrNav.onclick = function (h) {
     if (typeof h == "object") return;
          switch (h) {
               case "Home":
               case "Profile":
               case "Calendar":
               case "Camera":
               case "Map":

Hi Cindy,
The explanation is too long so I thought I’d just direct you to a couple NSB AppStudio youtube tutorials where he solves this problem.

Here he makes the header global:

Here he makes the header and hamburger menu persist on all forms:

Hope this helps,

Very nice and useful videos about this topic. However, I included the project on my initial post because we did exactly what you show in your videos, and the global control (we used a header with a hamburger on it too) didn’t show on the other forms. It would be great if you could take a look.

Running your app, I switched to frmCalendar and, as you said, the Header shows but not the Hamburger.

I used Chrome’s Inspect feature to see what is going on: the display style on hmbrNav was set to none.

To fix that, I added this code to frmCalendar:

frmCalendar.onshow = function() { = 'block';

Didn’t work

Where did you put the code?

Here’s my project - give it a try:

BIA_Final_AppNo Login - (453.5 KB)

I tried your project g - didn’t work. I tried to go from the homepage (with picture) to the Profile form - no hamburger menu on Profit form. Went from homepage to Calendar - worked Calendar had a hamburger menu. Then tried to go back to Homepage using hamburger - worked but homepage now has no hamburger.

In my earlier version, I had put the


in the frmHome .onshow() event.


Thanks - found the problem. It will be fixed in the next build of AppStudio. Let me know if you’re in a hurry - I’ll get you an early build.

Good! Yes we’re in a hurry. Last day of class is Monday. Thanks!


Link to build sent by email. Good luck with your class!

Thanks! I thought you were retired…