Google Calendar API Tips?

Hi all, am looking to integrate an NSB App with Google Calendar.

My question is if anyone can give me a hint or two, or better still an example, on using the Google API ?!

Links I found so far in order from start to depth…
…(may be a good place to start but which of those technologies should I use?) (API’s)
Update: targeting a desktop app (Chrome on mostly)

If you’re going to build a Cordova app, you’ll want to compare pricing for JavaScript requests vs api requests made through the sdk. Often times the sdk is much cheaper. If you decide on the sdk route you’ll need a plugin like this one:

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Thanks for the quick reply! Many sorry’s I did not mention I’m initially targeting a desktop app (Chrome on mostly), but later, if/as the project expands to mobiles, that will be very useful to know! Also, wise words re JS vs API.

We don’t currently have a sample for this, but we’re happy to split the cost of making one with you, if we can share it with our other users.

Hi George,

Re below, Methinks that would be expensive, but can you give me a guide? Woould it be a fixed cost or hourly rate?

And yes, just a sample to get us started would be great.

I assume this is a conversation that is better held one to one, but if you want, I can put it on the forum :slight_smile:


I’ve sent you a DM.

Did you ever made a sample of a google calendar?

We have not made a sample ourselves, but you are asking at the right place. Have any other AppStudio users perhaps done so?