Google OAuth in appstudio

I am trying to call Google Tasks API from an apptudio form. I have the appropriate Google OAuth codes and such - can make this work nicely from Postman so know the codes all work.

However, cannot figure out how to do the oauth portion in appstudio (in javascript). Anyone have any success with this? I saw someone mention doing it with Volt Builder - has anyone done this? Is there some documentation or examples in appstudio?



Are you refering to this Upload to Google Play | VoltBuilder
I use voltbuilder to generate .aab file (android platform) and now having some app in the playstore.

Am i replying correctly? Nsbasic team,please feedback if i am wrong…best rdgs,tst

@tst - No, the question about the Google Tasks API has nothing to do with the Play Store.

Here are Google’s docs on the Tasks API. We have not done any work on this ourselves, but I’m sure @cindycc would love to hear from anyone who has!

Oh,sorry @cindycc i misled you…:wilted_flower:

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