Google Play Store Signing Key

Is this: Upload to Google Play | VoltBuilder still a a valid procedure?

For whatever reason, the Google Play Store is not laid out the same way.

I am struggling to find the appropriate procedure to configure a Signing Key.

I use AppStudio with Voltbuilder. .Can we use Google Play signing in this environment?

Thank You

James has responded on the VoltBuilder forum:

We review this process periodically, but Google changes their console practically once a week. Can you tell me which step things aren’t working for you?

Could you let us know here which steps aren’t working for you? Thanks!

I understand I need to generate the .p12 file with Voltsigner and reference it in Properties. When I look on Play Console it references Certificates that are related to Signing.

What do I need to do with those certificates?

In general, what else besides creating the .p12 do I need to do in AppStudio/Voltbuilder to do an upload with the appropriate Signing Key?

Thank you

You need to follow these initial instructions for creating an app: Upload to Google Play | VoltBuilder

Once your app is set up in the play store, you need to manually upload your first release, which should set your signing key automatically.

After that, you can follow the rest of the instructions to set up automatic uploads using AppStudio.