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Is there a known issue with regarding the GoogleMaps Control? It shows a grey space and tiles saying no Pictures available. Was working fine with whithout any change to the source. Probably Fixed in

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Christian Probst

No, this is not fixed in Thanks for reporting this!

I’m not seeing this here. Are there any messages on the Console? There may be an issue with the API key. Changes were made there.

I have the same Problem with the GoogleMaps Control.
From the release note: "Controls: Google Maps: Use apiKey when initializing."
But where and how to do that?

– amagg

The GoogleMap control has an apiKey property.

the property apiKey is old stuff, since 6.2.4.: "Controls: GoogleMaps now has API property."
And it worked fine till 6.3. So how to initialize? I’m using BASIC

  • amagg

The API key was not be initialized properly in some circumstances. Any chance you can share a small sample which shows the problem?

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Here is what I see when I try it:

I can see many “Content Securtiy Policy” Errors in the console, which do not show up in the Version of the WebApp. They all refer to google maps resources in any way.

Are you running as a PhoneGap app or a Web App?

I don’t use phonegap so far. Problem as a WebApp, works fine as a Windows-Exe.

In Project Properties, you’ll find “ContentSecurityPolicy”. Set it to ‘none’.

You’ll need AppStudio 6.3 for this.

Content Security Policy is an evolving concept on the web. I expect we will see more of it in the future.

That’s it!

Thank’s a lot.

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Thank you. Maybe you should change the help-text: “Required for PhoneGap”

I too do think that “Required for PhoneGap” is misleading. Already the Web App would not run because of “Refused to load the image …” when csp field is left blank. Additionally I would suggest to improve this hint provided for the csp property: “For more information, see”. This link does not actually provide help. I would suggest using e.g. something like this link “”.


The wording has been updated. Thanks for the link to the Google article - it is way more understandable than the one in Wikipedia.