Grid onclick return incorrect column no

i have added new columns into a grid by using grid.addcols(). however, when i click the grid, only first newly column is able to return correct column no and the rest will report as same as first column
any idea?

'grid1 has 1 column at design time


function grid1_onclick(event)
     Print   'only first newly column is return correct column no
end function

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I’m unable to reproduce this. Can you try again?

sample (12.6 KB)

when click the following grid:

first grid -> report wrong column no (title has value on design time)
second grid => column no is ok but border-style:outset is not function (title has no value on design time)
third grid => use init to recreate grid, but report wrong in grid name


It was a bug in AppStudio - in some the oldest code it has.

It is fixed in the next build - can you wait a few days?