Hamburger is gone

i have a Hamburger control, It is missing(or hide) after i click twice on it or click elsewhere without select its item.
I am using version

Is this Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4?

Does it happen with the sample too?

it is bootstrap 3. And it is working fine in sample.
and i export my form and add the form in sample, it is working fine as well

where suppose to check?


i found the line which cause the problem
i have a bs3 label (named as atmsg)

function form_onshow
    If atmsg.value="" Then atmsg.hide()   'this statement cause hamburger hide
end function

if i change to “atmsg.visible=false”, then hamburger is working fine


Thank you - I can reproduce this. We will fix it in the next build.

Could you have used the Bootstrap 4 label instead of Bootstrap 3?