Hamburger menu - addItem support for HTML

If you use addItem at runtime to add any HTML beyond simple tags, the data-i18n attribute fails to handle this causing the item to not display correctly. Below is an example code for where I set addItem to:
<figure><img src="images/example.png"></figure><div>Some text</div></a>

<a id="HomeMenu_0" onclick="HomeMenu.selection=this.textContent;HomeMenu.onclick(this.textContent);" class="dropdown-item" style="cursor:default" data-i18n="<figure><img src=" images="" example.png'=""><div>Some text</div>'&gt;<figure><img src="images/example.png"></figure><div>Some text</div></a>

It would allow much greater control of the styling of the Hamburger menu if it could be more flexible in handling HTML

Could you give a bit more detail? It’s not clear to me exactly what you are asking.

Hi. It mainly affects Basic language use but can also be experienced with java script and assign value to addItem using “” instead of ‘’. If you use “” then it causes the output to display incorrectly due to corruption of data-i18n attribute for the drop down item