Hamburger Toggle

Now I have another little problem.
I need to open the Hamburger menu, I am Using the following command:


This command opens the hamburger menu but it It gets frozen …
After running this command it does not work anymore!
I await some help

Are there any errors in the Chrome Console?

I’m using Hamburger but see that the problem occurs even if it is a simple DropDown
See the problem in the project below, only the Button1 “Open DropDown” has been added … (18.0 KB)

Same question: Are there any errors in the Chrome Console?

Absolutely nothing … just like the app I sent …

Using .dropdown(“toggle”) isn’t documented in the AppStudio or Bootstrap docs.

Here are the Bootstrap docs. Have a look and see if there is documented way to do what you need.

" There are times when the best help is no help … "
I did alone, with a procedure found on the internet that worked …
Now I can open the Hamburger or Dropdown via button and it does not freeze.
I’m sending the solution … (18.6 KB)