Handling Android back button


Hi Everyone, I havent worried about this so far as I’m mainly iOS, but recently I got some users on android and I tried it the other day and was appalled at the mess created by the android back button, it basically puts you a html form load behind which causes issues such as missing headers and lack of any way to get out of it, navigation issues I had never even see with browser or iphone. Is there a way to simply disable the android back button from affecting my app? Or alternatively actually catching the button press and mapping it and handling back navigation properly in my app, i.e. there are some forms that have their own back button to get back to the main dashboard, but if I’m in the dashboard, back should do nothing. I tried fiddling with browser arrows on and off but it didn’t appear to have any effect.


First step is to try the sample: BrowserArrows.

Does it work properly for you?