Helpful Sqlite Tools

Wanted to post to share this.

I am exploring an architecture where I mostly use an embedded sqlite database inside the app - and transfer that entire database to the server.

I haven’t touched sqlite in a long time. Didn’t really want to bother writing scripts to build up the initial database. But, if you use SQL Server for any other purposes, and you use Sql Server Management studio, this add-in allows you to easily manage sqlite databases from a nice interface.:

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In addition to the tool above cited - which is a quick way to set up tables, an easy way to copy and paste data from some other source to the database is - to:

  1. Download the Windows 10 sqlite ODBC drivers
  2. Create an ODBC datasource definition for the sqlite DB file.
  3. Use MS Access, open a blank database, and attach the tables via the ODBC connection.

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