Hide pop-up keypad


I am using the build-in barcode scanner Android device for data collection application. When the Input field get focus(), the keypad will pop-up. Is there any way to hide the pop-up keypad after scanning the barcode as input, since I don’t need the keypad to key-in the content. But when I touch the Input field on screen, I want the keypad come out for manual input.


You can try two things: the focus and blur events OR ionic has a keyboard plugin with keyboard.hide()/.show() functions.


I’m tested with the focus & blur events, but they all not working. I am thinking an easy way to solve it out. When the textbox get focus, the keyboard pop-up, I can click the physical “Back” button to dismiss the soft keyboard. Is there any command or function to perform as clicking the physical “Back” button within the program?


This is a long running problem on all platforms and there are two solutions: 1) there is a keyboard plugin that allows you to show/hide the keyboard program programmatically; 2) if you have a help icon (?) that pops up some help text, you can set the focus on that (setting the focus won’t open the help).


I have 3 textboxes need to be scan the barcodes with the Android based mobile computer with build-in barcode scanner. After one textbox is input by the barcode scanner, I need to focus() onto the next textbox for the next barcode input, but the pop-up keypad will come out. I try to use the “cordova-plugin-keyboard” to keyboard.hide() the keyboard, but it is not working.


What happens if you set the text fields to readonly?


What device are you using?


Honeywell ScanPal EDA50 Mobile Computer


I found a number of hits when I googled this:

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You’re not the only one to have this question.


It work with the TextBox.readOnly now