Hiding mobile browser navigation bar

Does anyone know how to hide the navigation bar in a mobile browser? I found this html code that I believe would work but I do not know where to add it to my app studio project.

meta name=“apple-mobile-web-app-capable” content=“yes”

Is there a designated place for adding additional html? Or is there a better way to do this?

You may be looking for the “Add to Homescreen” feature as used on Android and iOS, though it is only supported in some browsers. This feature allows a user to open a web app in a quasi-full-screen mode which hides browser-like appearances (sometimes call ‘browser chrome’).

For iOS, see:

Be aware that this feature only works with the built in iOS Safari browser. Chrome for iOS is not supported.

For Android, see:
Supported in Chrome for Android, but Firefox for Android support may be coming.

In AppStudio 5, there was full support for Android’s Add to Homescreen feature, but it was removed in version 6 (though some traces of it remain). You can still roll your own manifest.json file and add the needed tags to the extraheaders property on your own, but it’s more work now than it used to be.

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Add to Homescreen still works on Chrome. There were some extra features before, but they were mainly used by Chrome Apps, which have been deprecated by Google. This allowed you to make standalone desktop apps which worked in the Chrome environment - they never really caught on.